About Us

EMF Compliance came in effect for India around 2009, paving a way for practical approach on how to implement and monitor EMF radiation. Being quite versed with EM simulation, ni2designs team was called by Indian regulator for consulting on evaluation of EMF Simulation to be incorporated in government policies.

Later ni2designs became the one of the first companies in India to offer EMF Simulation services and thereby covering 80% of SEA market. Since then, ni2designs has extensively done EMF compliance for Lakhs of telco sites globally, and has worked with many regulators and numerous operators worldwide. During the course of giving EMF Compliance services globally, our team has gained experience on all the EMF Simulation packages available.

Understanding the limitations of manually doing EMF Simulations and based on the years of accumulated experience in running complex EMF compliance projects for telcos, we decided to plunge in and started a spin off start up in 2017 for INNOVATING an alternate solution i.e. SuryaEM 2.5D.

ni2designs has brought its decade long experience to develop SuryaEM2.5D platform, for handling logistically complex projects. Based on the years of accumulated experience in running EME compliance projects the telecom regulators, certification agencies, telcos, and their subcontractors can be guaranteed a system that is mature and tailored to the unique requirements for EME compliance projects.

SuryaEM 2.5D Suite from ni2designs India, can operate, straight out of the box, as a production system with multiple users and a large database of base stations. However, we can also customize it to ensure that it fits in with various national regulators.


SuryaEM 2.5D is attributed and dedicated to Mrs. Surya Kanta Purohit (1959-2016) who is a mother figure for all the Directors of the company ni2 designs. SuryaEM derived from her name Surya i.e. Sun which as its most pious source of radiation and thereby Surya+EM as the software is about Electro Magnetic Saftey.

She passed away on 25th December from cancer which explains 2.5D but also the technical fact that it’s a software which is neither 2D nor 3D but in between thereby 2.5D.

In her fond memory, we are committed to give 30% of the profits of SuryaEM to a Cancer foundation for charity.