SuryaEM 2.5D

SuryaEM2.5D is EMF calculator and compliance manager designed to manage your large number of BTS sites. It is ideally suited for national telcos regulators, network operators, EMF certification agencies and their subcontractors.

SuryaEM 2.5D suite will be installed on cloud based server allowing an online platform for various network operators to do the EMF Compliance process and for audit processing for the regulators. The suite simplifies the EMF Compliance process flow by automating the 3D EMF Simulation reporting process from basic site layout in 2D.


  • Computation of exclusion zones and Orthoslice with ease
  • Based on internationally accepted standards
  • Automatic and online report generation
  • No complex 3D modeling required
  • Works with various antennas and technology bands
  • Antenna database maintained by SuryaEM team



SuryaEM Web is a secured online application where network operators can upload site data, locate the site on map, draw 2D site layouts and populate antennas on site.

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SuryaEM Engine is based on Cylindrical Spherical Computation algorithm with its Uncertainty Analysis (as described in IEC 62232 standard). The SuryaEM Engine can determine public and occupational non-compliance zones (exclusion zones & orthoslice) very accurately and displays them in 2-D over a 3-D model.

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SuryaEM Reporter is automated web application, which creates EMF reports for compliance and assessment purpose. It makes use for all details provided by database and generates reports as per user templates.

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Competitive Features

More Features Than You Expect

No 3D modeling

Create site on maps in 2D, and sweep them into 3D visual model, removing the need of complex 3D CAD modeling platform.

Online Report Generation

SuryaEM reporter automatically generates
the EMF reports Online for Tower as well rooftop sites.

Internationally accepted standards

SuryaEM Engine is based on IEC recommended computational technique as in agreement IEC 62232 by IEC committee TC- 106 recommendations.

Antenna Database

User don’t have to worry for the technicalities of Antenna and technology involved as the Antenna Database is maintained by the SuryaEM team.


SuryaEM can be customized for any international ICNIRP based limits and/or national standard and reporting formats.

Uncertainty Prediction and Analysis

Automatic inclusion of Uncertainty on selection based on Confidence Interval of CI 95%, CI 80%,CI 50%, CI 20%, CI 5% or no Uncertainty.

Shared sites handling

A customizable shared site resolution function will be deployed in accordance to the requirements of national regulator requirement.

Validation of the Computational Algorithm

SuryaEM engine’s computational Algorithm is validated as in agreement with IEC 62232 Standard.

Revoking Compliance Status and Automated EMF report generation

For any change in configuration, the EMF compliance status is revoked and automatically a new EMF report is generated and submitted.

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