SuryaEM 2.5D is a Unique and first of its kind Fully Online and Web Subscription based EMF Compliance Suite which is easy to use as no need for 3D modelling, all EMF computations are done online and can easily manage shared sites using a customizable but efficient resolution function based on the requirements of the national regulator.

SuryaEM 2.5D suite is UNIQUELY licensed for a country which means there will be a restriction that you can not do EMF Compliance of sites outside of your country.

SuryaEM 2.5D suite will be installed on cloud based server allowing an online platform for various network operators to do the EMF Compliance process and for audit processing for the regulators.

An END user agreement needs to be signed by the End User with a special restriction waiving any claim whatsoever on the Proprietary and Copyrights for the software SuryaEM in favor of ni2designs if installation on a local server is required.

SuryaEM 2.5D suite has 2 types of Subscription models:

1. Subscription Model for national regulator

  • Right to create Admin Login for multiple telcos/network operators who can further create login for their managers and engineers.
  • Can create EMF reports for multiple telcos and hence can handle shared sites as per customizable resolution function.
  • If required, can create Viewer login for general public.

2. Subscription Model for network operators or telcos

  • A Telco Admin Login with Right to create Login as Compliance Accessor (Manager) and Compliance Engineer for employees of telcos.
  • Compliance Accessor Login will have Right to create sites, assign it to appropriate Compliance Engineer and set final Compliance Status of site.
  • Compliance Engineer Login can do Compliance process by providing site details and generate EMF reports which will be available to all logins for inspection.

For Demo/ Evaluation Purpose:

A Compliance Engineer level Subscription login will be provided for demo or Evaluation purposes for all successfully registered users.

Following restrictions will be applicable for Demo/Evaluation version:

  • Preconfigured Limited no. of sites. Only 1 Tower and 1 Rooftop site.
  • Only 10 Sample Antennas.
  • No countrywise location (lat/long) restriction.